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Drop-Tine Seed Company founder Jason R. Snavely is a Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB) and Founder/President of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting: a leading consulting firm that focuses on white-tailed deer management throughout the U.S. and Canada. He grew up in Pennsylvania where he developed a passion for spending time in the outdoors with family and friends. With great hunting mentors, Jason developed an interest in wildlife systems and sound wildlife management principles. He later attended Mississippi State University and earned a degree in Wildlife Science.

Jason spends much of his time helping clients develop their hunting properties. He enjoys developing native habitat and food plots with the end goal of gaining more control over when and where mature bucks are killed. While in college, Jason worked for Professors and graduate students on several deer, turkey and quail projects, including early research that resulted in the technique of using trail cameras to survey white-tailed deer populations. He conducts annual trail camera surveys in many whitetail states tracking population characteristics for clients. Jason has been a trail cam nut since the mid 1990’s and his experience certainly helped when he authored Chapter 1 in award winning Deer Cameras: The science of scouting, published by the QDMA.

Jason’s articles have regularly appeared in magazines such as Petersen’s Bowhunting, Quality Whitetails, Deer & Deer Hunting, Wildlife Trends and Farming for Wildlife. He regularly gives seminars on all aspects of white-tailed deer biology and management. In just 13 years, Jason has become recognized as one of the leading private consultants for food plots, herd management, habitat management and property development aimed at maximizing a properties potential.

Although free time is in limited supply, Jason enjoys purchasing and developing his own deer hunting and recreational properties. Managing Drop-Tine Farms-PA and Drop-Tine Farms-NY allows Jason to fully understand the frustrations, hurdles, and successes that clients experience with their properties.

Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting

For 15 years, Jason has worked closely with the nation’s leading wildlife food plot companies as well as the nation’s leading Agronomists and growers. During this time “on the inside” Jason has helped many seed companies develop and shape region-specific food plot blends for white-tailed deer and other game species. Many of the trial and research-related photographs used by wildlife seed companies today were taken at Drop-Tine Farms research properties and properties of Drop-Tine clients around the country.

While working with clients across the whitetail’s range, Jason began receiving requests for custom, region-specific blends. As a result, Jason often drew from his extensive and unique experience on what works in various regions of the country to generate custom blends. Working with his vast network of industry contacts Jason has focused more recently on identifying premium seed of improved varieties that are intentionally dropped by other seed companies for many reasons, namely, their ability to turn a profit.

Realizing that many food plot companies were dropping superior performing cultivars simply due to their ability to maximize a profit Jason continued to acquire what he knew to be the best varieties through various avenues, regardless of profitability and availability. Ultimately, his unparalleled level of success and attention to detail led to a growing demand for more.

In 2014, after more than a decade of consulting, Jason made a commitment to himself and his clients: To continue to seek and supply the highest quality food plot seeds to clients and land managers throughout the whitetail’s range regardless of how much profit is to be made. The Drop-Tine Seed Company has been developed for clients and feedback from clients will shape and steer the company moving forward. Think of it as an employee owned company and provide as much feedback as you wish…we are listening!

Although Jason works across the whitetail’s range, he lives on Drop-Tine Farms-PA in Bloomsburg, PA with wife Brooke, son Grant and daughter Teddi. He takes every opportunity he gets to grab his bow and head to the stand.

Although Jason’s line of work is growing mature bucks and maximizing the output of his clients’ recreational properties, his true passion is chasing hard gobbling turkeys around the country. He also spends as much time as possible chipping away at his quest for all 29 North American big game animals and introducing his favorite hunting partners, Grant and Teddi, to pursuing big game adventures across North America.

Jason R. Snavely, CWB
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