Key Features of Drop-Tine Seed

  • Premium Quality Seed of Improved Varieties – In effort to maintain the finest premium quality seeds in Drop-Tine bags I am committed to supplying improved varieties that are high in germination, yield, persistence and purity and free from weed seed. Improved varieties consistently out-perform other commercial and experimental varieties in independent, replicated trials.
  • Region specific – The marketers of popular seed bags found on the shelves of box stores often throw in a little bit of everything in an attempt to sell one product that grows in all regions. Unfortunately, the varieties in the bags were chosen because they are easy to acquire in bulk and profitable when sold through a retail business model. Very little attention was devoted to whether or not the varieties were adapted for local conditions and they certainly did not consider if the products would be persistent for many years (ROI- return on your investment). A well-informed food plotter can see this on the seed label often listed as “AP” or “All Purpose”. Instead of blending the product specifically for each region they toss in some northern white clover and some southern white clover and refer to it as a “national mix”. This can be misleading as these products may all germinate but then die out (lacking persistence) because they were not designed for your region. Why pay for seeds that were never meant for your region of the country? No more “one size fits all” mentality in food plotting.
  • No price point building – Many times the final product that hits store shelves was developed within the strict guidelines of a fictitious price point. Price point building degrades the quality of the seed in the bag AND increases the amount you pay so middlemen can profit from a 40-50% markup. Why pay more for less? Drop-Tine does not market or sell on price. Instead we simply read & follow the independent, replicated trials (the “sciency” stuff) and only offer premium seeds of improved varieties.
  • No unnecessary fillers – Most seed coatings are added merely to fill up a bag and very few coatings used for food plots are beneficial. Although a few seed coatings have proven effective many are just coatings of clay used to bulk the seed bag up. From time to time Drop-Tine products will include seed coatings but only when the science proves the upside is worth spending your money. Cabela’s 5 Lb. Radish example.
  • Transparency – All of the seed suppliers we work with will be disclosed and we will reveal the science behind why our seed supply partners are the best of the best. Industry transparency is also in high demand right now to address market confusion. I will open up bags and educate customers on industry jargon, seed labels and exactly what they’re spending their money on.
  • Flexibility – Working directly with the best growers and producers of superior seeds allows me the flexibility of choosing the best forage product for each application. Popular food plot companies often work with one supplier who may only have a couple proprietary varieties that ONLY they can market, uncovering an obvious bias when making seed recommendations.
  • Rapid & Unfiltered Customer Feedback – As an entrepreneur and small business owner developing the Drop-Tine Seed brand as a consumer direct brand, I’m able to innovate and directly interact with customers about my products. Rapid feedback from customers without filtering through a larger company or multiple-tiered distribution network will continually address customer needs and feedback.


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