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25 lb. bag – Plants 2 acres
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Product Description

black label legumes
black label legumes

Handpicked by Jason and regularly updated to ensure premium performance, Black Label Legumes™ will always include the highest performing perennial legumes based on their persistent success on Drop-Tine managed properties and in independent university trials. Black Label Legumes™ is widely adaptable and will perform very well throughout most of the whitetail’s range.

For its rookie debut Black Label Legumes™ will include four of Jason’s favorite premium & improved clovers (3 perennial and 1 annual) and one next generation hybrid alfalfa featuring a branch rooted trait for persistence. The clover and alfalfa varieties chosen for the 2015 growing season were chosen due to their winter hardiness, high forage quality, vigorous and persistent growth, aggressive establishment, high nitrogen fixation, tall and vigorous growth, thin stems and high palatability and nutritional quality. There is no reason why a well-managed Black Label Legumes™ food plot shouldn’t last a minimum of 5-7 years.

What’s in the Bag for the 2015 Growing Season?


Alice White Clover

  • Perennial favorite of Jason’s and Drop-Tine Wildlife clients
  • Winter hardy & persistent
  • Large, showy leaves (production)
  • Tall & vigorous growth
  • High protein & energy values
  • Spreads by aggressively branching stolons
  • High nitrogen fixation

Freedom! MR Red Clover

  • Improved winter-hardiness and persistence (uncommon in red clovers)
  • High yielding
  • Aggressive establishment
  • Thin stems
  • High forage quality
  • Highly palatable and nutritious

RegalGraze Ladino Clover

  • A true ladino clover that is widely adapted across the whitetails range
  • Large, dark green leaves
  • Showy, upright growth habit
  • Fine stems
  • Tolerant of heavy grazing pressure
  • Rejuvenates via active stolon growth or self-seeding
  • Disease tolerant/resistant

Berseem Clover

  • Fast establishing annual clover (rapid germination)
  • Serves as an excellent nurse crop due to rapid germination
  • Up to 28 percent protein, Berseem is better than or comparable to top performing forage crops

Baralfa X42

  • Next generation hybrid alfalfa technology featuring branch rooted trait for persistence
  • More drought tolerant than traditional alfalfa varieties
  • High quality forage
  • High yielding & aggressive growth
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Fine stemmed forage

As in all competition, the leaderboard changes regularly. Jason is openly revealing all of the products in every bag of seed and allowing transparency into what’s in the bag and why it’s in there. Rest assured, as new trials reveal new pack leaders and premium improved varieties Jason will continue to ensure that Black Label Legumes™ is always the all-star team in the food plot seed industry. However, unlike many food plot seed companies Drop-Tine will be open and transparent about why the product formulations in the Black Label Legume™ product line have changed and you will know when we are changing it. You can be confident that the Black Label Legume bag will always consist of region specific products of improved varieties. Drop-Tine will NEVER change the contents of your seed bag merely because less expensive seed has come available. Wholesale costs of seed are always fluctuating due to what Mother Nature dishes out each growing season. For example, extremely dry growing seasons result in lower supply of some products driving the cost up. Many food plot companies simply replace those cultivars with other high margin yielding cultivars. In fact, there are often much better options for back up premium, region specific cultivars. Having clients across the whitetails range, Jason also intensively tracks the performance of each species and individual cultivar planted. In fact, Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting clients have had just as much feedback and hands on development of this product line as Jason has. Although Black Label Legumes WILL perform for food plotters in the whitetail’s deep southern states of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas there are better options. Food plotters in this portion of the whitetail’s range should consider Dixie Legumes™ by the Drop-Tine Seed Co.

Although Black Label Legumes™ is a rookie for the 2015 growing season we are 100% confident that it will be the rookie of the year! After all, these legumes have been proven performers on Drop-Tine Farms in Pennsylvania and on Drop-Tine managed properties for years. We are looking forward to hearing your results. Put it in the ground and enjoy “top shelf performance!”


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