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Crimson clover
Berseem clover

Clover & Grains is a long-time favorite of Jason’s as a quick establishing clover and oat plot. This proven blend of re-seeding annual clovers and oats is one of the best attraction plots for whitetails. Unlike popular perennial clovers, the premium annuals in Clover & Grains will germinate quickly to better outcompete weeds and provide immediate high protein forage for whitetails and turkeys. Although there are many applications for Clover & Grains in a year-round food plot program, two of Jason’s favorite uses are:

1 Spring planting in plots that were previously fall annuals as a soil builder and excellent spring and summer forage option. Many times these plots are later sprayed so that a new fall plot can be planted prior to the hunting season. The quick growth offers soil holding and enhancing qualities and ensures that the table is not cleared during the summer antler building and fawning seasons.
2 Fall planted for bow hunting hot spots. If you’re a bow hunter, Grand Slam provides young, succulent growth at a time when nearby crops and native forage is rapidly declining in palatability. This ideal timing puts more whitetails within bow distance from your favorite stand locations.


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