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25 lb. bag - Plants 1 acre
12.5 lb. bag - Plants ½ acre

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NEW FOR FALL 2017!!! Full Draw 7: “The Bow Blend”

As featured in The Petersen’s Bowhunting 2017 Gear Guide, Full Draw 7 has been a staple in Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting’s management plans for more than a decade. Dubbed “The Bow Blend” by Drop-Tine clients, Full Draw 7 will be commercially available beginning July 1 2017.

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Full Draw 7 was developed over the years by Jason with significant input from over 250 bowhunting clients across North America. Most food plot products are developed by agriculture experts using less expensive cultivars (to win the pricing war) and marketed under a sexy name with shiny bags. Drop-Tine clients regularly ask for custom, premium mixes in brown burlap sacks because they have witnessed the hardiness and superiority of premium seeds. Simply put, Full Draw 7 is the right combination of seven common denominators repeatedly mentioned by clients who prefer getting the job done in bow season before the gun seasons open. Didn’t get the job done in the early archery season? No sweat, Full Draw 7 will attract deer through the late season or until the plot is consumed “lip high”, whichever comes first! Considering Jason is the only one who feels strongly about employing Forage Collards in his fall attraction plots, we’re betting that this plot will b

Featuring a super palatable mix of Winter Peas, Winter Wheat, Winter Oats, Purple Top Turnips, Forage Collards, Forage Daikon Radish, and Sugar Beets, Full Draw 7 AKA “The Bow Blend” is so diverse it’s a bow benders mutual fund of food plot mixes!
$150.00 – 25Lb. bag plants 1 acre


Send your food plot & hero photos to jason@droptinewildlife.com for FREE giveaway products. If you send a quality photo of your kill in a plot of Full Draw 7, Drop-Tine will cover your seed cost for a similar sized plot the following year!


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