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Our routine soil tests are done within 48 hours of receiving the sample and can be delivered to you in an Adobe PDF format via email. The reports feature a graphical easy to read format that includeds crop-specific recommendations.

We don””t stop with just the soil testing. We provide analytical services to all phases of nutrient management – from fertilizer and lime materials testing to bio-solids land application testing such as manure, municipal sludge and compost. We also provide all types of “troubleshooting” support whenever there is a problem in the field.
When purchasing a soil sample test from Drop-Tine, a soil sample bag will be mailed to you. You will also be emailed a form to fill out. After properly aquiring a soil sample, you will fill out the label on the soil sample bag, along with a pdf which will be emailed to you. Then, you will mail the soil sample along with the printed form to our lab. Within 48 hours of receiving the soil sample, our lab will have the results back to you.
To ensure you take a proper soil sample, we have created this short video:


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