Nitro Liquid Kelp - 32 Ounces

Nitro Liquid Kelp - 32 Ounces

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As with all of the products from Drop-Tine, Nitro made its way to the farm and managed to impress us with results. We decided to work with a couple sources to tweak the product to suit our needs and we ultimately came up with what we believe to be the best liquid Kelp product on the market.

During the 2015 growing season, we planted an Eagle forage soybean plot on Drop-Tine Farms that we purposely did not fertilized. In other words, purposely put the beans at a disadvantage and as a result of an abnormally cold spring we planted a month later when we normally plant. Due to those setbacks our deer over-consumed the plot to the point where we considered fencing it or even re-planting. we decided to apply Nitro Liquid Kelp and within a week the plot was growing at a faster rate than the deer could consume it. We immediately knew we had to offer Nitro to everyone, not just Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting clients.

So what is Kelp?

Kelp is a brown seaweed known to scientists as Ascophyllum Nodosum. Plants are harvested in a sustainable manner typically in Norway and incorporated into high quality animal feed and agricultural fertilizers.

Kelp is a natural plant food that contains many trace minerals that have important regulatory functions in plants and the animals that consume them. Some of the major benefits to applying Nitro Food Plot Kelp include:

Improved mineral uptake from the soils to the plants
Slows the aging process in the plants, resulting in a longer productive season
Improved seed germination
Optimizes root development
Increases the number and size of the flowers – the flowers of this soybean plant will eventually be pods filled with soybean grain
Increases chlorophyll in the plants which is why the plots look dark green
Increases the sugar content in the plants
Reduces stress in food plots as a result of weather extremes
Increases the overall vigor of the plants making them more resistant to disease, insects, drought and frost.

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