Forage Soybeans For Deer

Jason interviews Brad Doyle from the legendary soybean company: Eagle Seeds. Get your cliffs notes PhD in plant breeding as brad shares the differences between forage soybeans and conventional ag beans and how that relates to our whitetail food plot needs. Brad explains how you can double the total number of branches on a soybean plant (more grain!) and produce larger leaves that equate to more biomass for deer. More biomass equate to larger antlers. Learn about soybean maturity groups and which is best for your application. Brad and Jason discuss why soybeans that are bred to be green long after your farmers are brown and harvested equates to larger antlers and a forage crop that is known as the "King of Protein." We tell how tall, vining forage soybeans also serve as cover for mature bucks. Maximizing a bucks genetic potential for antler growth with forage. Some soybean companies advertise their products high oil content but brad discusses the physiological evidence that high soybean oil comes only at a cost of lower protein content: an inverse relationship! Learn about shatter resistance and does it really matter? Learn about deer research by Dr. Steve Demarais, Dr. Bronson Strickland and Dr. Marcus Lashley. Learn why its important to read seed bag labels. Maternal effects in whitetails. Jason discusses why he dislikes the over use of the "P" word: Preference. Brad offers the science behind why showing preference is a little more complicated than sitting in your stand and observing whitetails. Eagle offers conventional ag beans of all maturity groups as well as their famous forage beans.