About Us

Seed Co.

The Drop-Tine Seed Co. is a boutique brand of wildlife food plot seed products and blends designed and sourced by Certified Wildlife Biologist® Jason R. Snavely for optimal nutrient density, flavor profile and attraction.

Jason graduated from Mississippi State University in 2001 with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology. He is the founder of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting, a leading consulting firm focused on white-tailed deer management throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. He is also the creator of the Drop-Tine Podcast, one of the most downloaded podcasts related to wildlife management, hunting, and regenerative wildlife agriculture.

For 15 years, Jason worked closely with the nation's leading wildlife food plot (marketing) companies and the nation's leading Agronomists and growers. During this time on the inside, Jason has helped many seed companies develop and shape region-specific food plot blends for white-tailed deer and other game species. Many of the trial and research-related photographs used by wildlife seed companies today were taken at Drop-Tine Farms research properties and properties of Drop-Tine clients around the country. Jason's research has led him in a completely different direction than what the mainstream food plot companies are headed. Jason believes in diverse cocktail blends that tighten the nutrient cycle and improve soil health.

His focus in recent years has been on regenerative wildlife agriculture/soil health and helping clients understand how to work with nature, not against her. With a passion for managing native habitats and regenerative wildlife agriculture, Jason's ultimate goal is to help clients gain more control over where and when mature bucks are harvested. As a Wildlife Biologist, he is committed to regenerative wildlife agriculture and farming in nature's image. He has helped clients custom-mix diverse cocktail blends geared toward soil health and eliminating costly and harmful synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. Jason's thorough understanding of how soil interacts with plants and the ecosystem has allowed him to rapidly improve soil health for clients across the country.

Jason lives on Drop-Tine Farms-PA in Bloomsburg, PA, with his wife Brooke, son Grant, and daughter Teddi. He takes every opportunity to get out into nature and learn.