Whitetails From Tee to Green

Jason and Tim chat with Drop-Tine client Joe Switzer about his whitetail property. Joe hired Jason to help him develop his property, part of which was a beautiful 9 hole public golf course that Joe wanted to transform into a hunting property, irrigation and all! Joe shares his "game changers" that have afforded him the opportunity to hunt big, mature bucks in a state that is not known for selective hunters. Joe discussing soil samples, food plots, fertilization and his love for hunting from his Redneck Blinds. Jason discusses "maternal effects" or the phenomenon often observed on well-managed properties that results in whitetails that express their full genetic potential. Joe tells of his success in managing his clover plot long term and his desire to keep it going forever. Winter hardy clover; frost seeding; Organic fertilizer and hunting giant whitetails with the bow in eastern Montana.