Hayden Spring Oats/Lavina Barley 50/50
Hayden Spring Oats/Lavina Barley 50/50
Hayden Spring Oats/Lavina Barley 50/50

Hayden Spring Oats/Lavina Barley 50/50

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Do you struggle with weeds in your clover plots that never seem to give up no matter how many times you spray, mow or overseed? Our Oats & Barley blend is a specialty blend that 95% of food plotters can put to good use. Although clovers do fantastic things for soil health and deer and other wildlife relish them, every food plotter knows that clover plots all possess skips and open areas where annual weeds rapidly invade. This is Mother Nature's way of covering the soil to minimize erosion and maximize nutrient cycling. Even the best established clover plot eventually exhibit ships and voids. Clients of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting are advised to minimize or eliminate the costly (to the wallet and the soils) over application of herbicides by incorporating this exact recipe of Oats & Barley into their clover plots late winter/early spring BEFORE the weeds take over!

To combat this common symptom of a lack of diversity being planted by the grower, Jason consults his clients to balance the Carbon:Nitrogen ratio of the soil by planting a combination of quick growing Hayden Spring Oats and Lavina Barley. By planting the proper blend of the right varieties of cereal grains late winter to early spring (when soil temps hit mid 50's) we can supply the soil what it needs with plants that deer and other wildlife are attracted to, nudging out the problem weeds. If the soil seeks to promote annual grass weed invasion, we should help it out....with grass plants (cereal grains) that deer and turkeys love! This is the perfect win-win that we hope more food plotters and more food plot marketing companies catch on to because the natural resources benefit tremendously. This is a classic example of thinking culturally and applying biological prescriptions to "weed problems" as opposed to the over use of caustic chemical use.

A 50LB bag plants 1 acre at $95.00

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