Grand Slam
Grand Slam

Grand Slam

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Plant in spring OR fall

Plant 1/2" deep @ 15 lbs/acre

Inoculant included on the side - apply at time of planting

Grand Slam is a blend of four annual clovers that have proven to be aggressive re-seeders in Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting management programs around the country. Unlike popular perennial clovers, the premium proven annuals in Grand Slam will germinate quickly to better outcompete weeds and provide immediate high protein forage for whitetails and turkeys. With the soil health building characteristics and attraction of Grand Slam you have options:

1. Spring planting in plots that were previously fall annuals as a soil builder and excellent spring and summer forage option. Many times these plots are later planted in a follow up crop that benefits from massive amounts of nitrogen that Grand Slam leaves behind. The quick growth offers soil holding and enhancing qualities and ensures that the table is not cleared during the summer antler building and fawning seasons.

2. Fall planted for bow hunting hot spots. If you’re a bow hunter, Grand Slam provides young, succulent growth at a time when nearby crops and native forage is rapidly declining in palatability. This ideal timing puts more whitetails within bow range of your favorite stand locations.

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