Pollinator Preserve

Pollinator Preserve

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32 lb. bag plants 1 acre (sold in 32 lb. bags)

Every showcase property should include pollinator strips to promote diversity and habitat for beneficial insects and birds. With just shy of 50 different species, pollinators and other beneficial insects will swarm these diverse habitats. An abundance and diversity of insects attracts an abundance and diversity of birds. Modern production agriculture relies on pesticides to kill pest insects. However, researchers are finding that beneficial predatory insects can act as nature’s pesticides by eating the pest insects that damage agricultural crops. If you’ve experienced an infestation of insects on your crops or orchards, its due to your lack of predatory insects. Our pollinator preserve was designed to incorporate a diverse cocktail plant blend to regenerate biodiversity and reduce pest insects. Recent research also suggests that beneficial insect populations can recover and flourish rapidly when regenerative practices, such as diverse biological primers like Pollinator Preserve, are introduced back on the landscape. Pollinator Preserve is perfect for those odd areas of your farm that are difficult to work with larger equipment or aesthetic areas such as driveways on the way to your home or ranch. Don’t be fooled by the name and description, Pollinator Preserve will attract big game animals such as deer just as much as it will attract beneficial insects and birds. Species such as chicory, white clover, alfalfa, yellow sweet clover, and crimson clover are proven preferred forages for white-tailed deer and offer great foraging habitats for wild turkeys.

Since we know you're curious and by now, you're clearly as into providing aesthetical habitat for benefical pollinators, we'll give you a snap shot of what you will find in this blend: Grey-headed Coneflower, Lavender Hyssop, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Eastern Columbine, Black-eyed Susan, Bergamot, Blanketflower, Dwarf Evening Primrose, Butterfly Milkweed, Lewis Flax, Mexican Hat, New England Aster, Ohio Spiderwort, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, White Upland Aster, Perennial Lupine, Chicory, Plantain, Birdsfoot Trefoil, White Clover, Yellow Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Sainfoin and many more! Good luck keeping the wildlife out of this smorgasboard!

Planting rate is 32 lbs. per acre (pricing is per acre)

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