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Oats & Peas

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Spring Oats and Spring Peas are considered the "lead off batter" for covering the soil late winter/early spring. This is a great "crimp ahead blend" if you get it in the ground as soon as you're clear from frosts. Soil temperatures at planting can be in the 43-45 degrees and rising range. The earlier you get this blend planted the better but study the soil temperatures and forecast. Truthfully, this blend can tolerate some pretty adverse conditions. Mother Nature does not approve of bare soil as evidenced by the rapid rate aggressive annual plants (AKA "weeds") move in to cover it up. We've all ended up with plots that came out of winter with soil exposed. Many of us are simply looking to get started with a short-season cover crop blend ahead of a warm season planting. Whether your soil is naked and exposed on portions of your plot or the entire plot, Drop-Tine's Oats and Peas was designed to cycle carbon into the soil EARLY in the spring, smother weeds, cover the soil and fix nitrogen (free fertilizer) for follow up crops.

For many years now, Jason has been advising his consulting clients to plant Oats and Peas into existing clover plots as green manure for follow up crops such as Vanish, Corn and Soybeans.

50 LB bags plant 1/2 acre

100 LB bags plant 1 acre

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