Summer Nourishment
Summer Nourishment

Summer Nourishment

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After three years of intensive research by Drop-Tine founder Jason R. Snavely and world renowned soil scientist Dr. Rick Haney, we are excited to offer the first wildlife blend backed by soil health research. Rick and Jason investigated the interactions between various deer forages and the living and nonliving components of soils across the whitetail’s range in order to determine which warm season forages best sequester the specific nutrients required during the antler building (antlerogenesis) and lactation processes. Summer Nourishment™ is the first diverse food plot forage blend that delivers the specific macro and micronutrients needed for the 200-day antler building and fawning periods. Summer Nourishment™, a proprietary product, is composed of plant species that deer relish but most importantly, sends roots into various regions of the soil to scavenge for the specific nutrients needed by bucks and does during the summer nourishing months: calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron and many more. Drop-Tine founder, Jason Snavely, has been working with soil scientists and microbiologists to identify diverse deer forages that work together in a complementary fashion to seek and delivery the key antler building and fawn nourishing nutrients, in the correct ratios, that have been shown to add 20%+ to overall antler mass and improve lactation and fawn recruitment rates.

Antlers are nutritionally expensive for bucks to grow; give them the Summer Nourishment™ they need!

Planting rate 64 lbs/acre

Plant 3/4" deep as a warm season annual when soil temperatures reach 65 degrees and rising.

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