Summer Reload™
Summer Reload™
Summer Reload™
Summer Reload™
Summer Reload™

Summer Reload™

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Planting rate = 50 lbs per acre (price includes inoculant)

The first wildlife food plot blend that is both HD (High Diversity) and ZS (zero synthetics) is the ultimate carbon feeding machine for the soil. Summer Reload is High Diversity (HD), with each plant addressing a specific purpose, and boasting 15 different warm season species/varieties that are complimentary to one another and geared toward optimal white-tailed deer fitness and soil health. Deer thrive on diversity; why are we planting so many mono-cultures like corn, brassicas and soybeans alone? Our soils need balance and even great plants, such as clovers, when not used in moderated balance can be harmful. Zero Synthetics means we DO NOT fertilize Summer Reload...NEVER! We are moving toward using plants, sunlight, and carbon to promote the soil biology to cycle nutrients. Synthetic fertilizer makes plants lazy....and they cost us time and money.

Summer Reload, the warm season option within the Reload series, was designed to efficiently cycle solar energy during the growing season to boost follow up fall hunting plots. Test plots planted by consulting clients across the whitetail's range are reporting more wildlife visitation to these growing season plots than they've expereinced in the past. By saving and holding nutrients such as NP&K in the plants, Summer Reload will release them for the follow up fall hunting crop.

We generally shoot for a planting depth of 3/4 of an inch on most of those mixed seeds. Successful plots can be broadcast or no-tilled. We are commonly asked how the small seeds will come up from greater planting depths. Our answer comes from two decades of planting diverse biological primers: the large seeds are helping to open up the seed trench that the small seeds could not navigate by themselves.

We aggressively addressed regenerative wildlife agriculture with this blend created in collaboration with Gabe Brown and his partners at Understanding Ag and the Soil Health Academy, Diverse Cover Crop Specialists, Soil Scientist Dr. Rick Haney and Cover Crop Innovator and Pioneer Steve Groff…An All-Star team representing the best of the best.

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Depending on planting time & soil temperatures, your Reload plot will offer 13-17 different species and varieties of plants that have been chosen by the team of experts based on their attraction as a deer forage and/or their ability to improve soil health.

We’re attacking soil dysfunction by introducing our Reload series of diverse biological primers for the growing practice of regenerative wildlife agriculture. No special equipment is needed to have a huge positive impact on “reloading” your soils’ biological output, productivity, and natural fertility. We worked closely with leaders in regenerative agriculture such as Gabe Brown, Rick Haney and Steve Groff. Our overall goal was to offer a diverse, high biomass producing food plot blend to regenerate soil health without sacrificing wildlife attraction, nutrition and palatability. After several months and multiple rounds of manipulations to these well-thought out multispecies cocktail blends, we are excited to offer them in our lineup of regenerative wildlife agriculture products.

Research has shown that synergies compound when complex, multispecies combinations are planted. How many times have you seen someone walk around a 1 or 2-acre monoculture clover food plot in search of a 4’x4’ section of photo worthy clover? These monoculture and low diversity food plots are losing the battle to grasses found in the seed bank. This is mother nature’s way of telling us that our monoculture stand is too simple to promote a diversity of underground biology and is failing to take full advantage of efficient, tight nutrient cycles that result in rich, naturally fertile soils. These weedy spots in your plot end up as bare spots, or a scab on earth’s surface, and mother nature strives to cover bare spots with annual weeds!

Why not give mother nature what she wants: diversity and well-thought out diverse biological primers that represent the major plant types: legumes, grasses, brassicas and forbs? Reload contains all major plant types for maximum soil health and to promote diverse populations of soil microbes. Research has shown that monocultures (i.e. clover only food plots) and low diversity plots (clover/chicory) can be a detriment to soil health and ultimately animal health. Diverse biological primers, such as the Reload series increase soil organic matter (the house for soil biology), improve your nutrient cycling (carbon & nitrogen) and regenerate your soil health and natural fertility. Many are finding that ruminants, such as white-tailed deer, have the ability to identify and seek properties that have regenerated soil health due to higher nutrient density of forages.

Why is all of this important? Diverse plant species form complementary and diverse root systems that feed a plethora of soil biology: the beneficial microbes that form symbiotic relationships with plants. An increased diversity of soil microbes, notably mycorrhizal fungi, enhances the beneficial relationships with plants and you will begin to save significant amounts of money by cutting the amount of synthetic fertilizers required to grow healthy plants. Mycorrhizal fungi form beneficial relationships with plant roots. They transport nutrients and moisture from areas of the soil that are typically out of reach in exchange for liquid carbon root exudates released by the plant. In biologically healthy ecosystems, large populations of mycorrhizal fungi serve as extensions of plant roots that act as super highways, transporting nutrients far and wide throughout the soil profile in exchange for carbon compounds. Plants, with help from the sun and photosynthesis, are able to pump carbon, often referred to as the currency of the soil, from the atmosphere (CO2) back into the soil ecosystem.

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Customer Reviews

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Clint S.
Dear love it for Months!

Planted reload in several locations from prepped fields to virgin ground. Each performed well and attracted and held deer for months. Going into my third season with Droptine and going to be best yet!

rodger m.

Summer Reload is a great way to kick start a Georgia food plot in the spring!

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